Authentic New Mexican recipies passed down since 1963

Our Story

Paul Ortega
Photograph Taken at Old Rosita's on West Colfax

Rosita’s Mexican Restaurant was founded in 1963 by Paul Ortega. Originally on West Colfax, the New Mexican style restaurant now stands within the walls of Rosita’s at 8050 N. Federal Boulevard in Westminster.

Today, Ortega’s daughter Pauline and her husband Chris own Rosita’s. On the menu you will find the “House Specialty” the Pablito named after Pauline’s Dad. It’s a stuffed soppapilla, Filled with refried beans or chicken or beef or shredded beef, lettuce cheese and tomatoes, smothered with our delicious green Chile.

Pie Gallegos with 9news

Because we’re a family restaurant, many of our customers are like family. We’ve seen their kids grow up; many of which held jobs here. Lot’s of our employees are local teenagers who work with us through high school and college. Our employees and community help make Rosita’s what it is today!

Over the years we’ve taken opportunities to give back. We’ve have had the pleasure to work with Meals on Wheels, Rocky’s Auto (Operation Free Bird) and many of the schools within the area. Thank you to all our customers who’ve given us their support throughout the years!

Pie Gallegos with the city of Westminster Mayer

With our Mayor Herb Atchison to commemorate the 30 years we've been a licensed business within the City of Westminster!